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Monday, July 02, 2007



Man, I love ya!

This was a great way to cap a good day. I get my very own dedication, and then I get to hear cool music and then even better TV.

I still miss The Muppet Show.

Maybe I'll snitch and hide this clip on DH's 'puter--just 'cause!


Takes me back years and years! Oh My!


Sheila, are you aware that Cake has a version of this out? it is on ITunes. I have it on my Ipod.


I think we need a t-shirt with that on front.

Elizabeth Alm

I needed a little silliness to start my day.


Manamana! That is reason #521 why I still love The Muppet Show after all these years. I have a long history of dorkiness.

Thank you for making my Tuesday cheery!

Kathy in San Jose

Ack! I didn't even have to click on the link to start hearing it!


That's funny, because Matt and one of our part-timers were talking about this very song about two weeks ago, and now and then we still go


to eachother, just to be annoying!


Sheila, you rock in so many ways. :)

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