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Saturday, April 29, 2006



bit late but at least i'm before the deadline ;o) wish i could have been there *sigh*

1. Gives "having your name up in lights" an entirely new meaning...

2. *singing* "There's a Moon Pie platter and screech for the crew
Don't get the impression that they'll leave some for you
‘Cause you're not a member of this wild knitting order
Even the pooch on the floor comes before you
You don't know me; I'm the opening act"

3. "I know, we're all here to see The Harlot...but it's tough to do that just now...could somebody PLEASE turn up the lights?"

4. A whack of Tennessee knitfolk

5. "Whaddaya mean you didn't think I was gonna blog this visit??"

7. "Whoever told me that Cascade 220 doesn't come in purples LIED!"

8. Ever notice that Stephanie causes smiles (and socks) wherever she goes?

9. "Same person said there weren't any good blues either"

11. "Could you spell that again for me please?"

13. "I SWEAR, they BOWED to me JUST LIKE THIS!"

14. "...what's a dog got to do to find a safe napping place around here?"

15. *solemn deep voice* "This...Is...A....KEY"

Wildcard: "Why YES I'm fond of Mary-Chapin Carpenter, however did you guess?"



1. Businessmen welcome.
2. Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya.
3. Woman with microphone: Will somebody adjust the lighting in here?
4. Yeah, that's where I keep my sunglasses. What's it to you?
5. How do I work this thing?
6. Chick in lower right corner: It wasn't that funny, folks.
7. I'm here in a yarn shop an Joe's home taking care of the kids! Does it get any better? Pass the cashmere!
8. Hey, you! Yeah, you - the guy in the green shirt. We know what you were thinking "Harlot Inside" - you can go now. We won't tell.
9. Why yes, I guess my shirt *does* blend in well with the Cascade 220 today.
10. The lady in pink just dropped a stitch in her lace.
11. After you cream the sugar and the butter together, start adding the egg yolks one at a time...
12. I've never seen a line in a yarn shop before. Wonder what's up?
13. Oh your greatness, I am not worthy.
14. Are they done yet?!
15. Necklines below here are in poor taste.
16. Wait, I thought that the Socks Rocked.

Wildcard: Hello, my name is Stephanie...


Wildcard Photo Caption:

Emily realizes she has a minstrel problem.


Wildcard- "Come on Emily I'll play and you dance we have to keep this croud calm until the Harlot gets here."


Wildcard- Come on Emily, I'll play and you dance. We have to keep this crowd calm until the Harlot gets here.


#1: Welcome to the Jungle
#2: Music Soothes the Savage Knitter Beast
#3: As the Lights Go Down, A Hush Falls Over the Crowd
#4: What Kind of Gauge Do You Get With That Size Needles?
#5: C'mon, You Knew I Was Going to Take Pictures
#6: You're Too Funny, Harlot
#7: And the Punchline: Ribbed for His Pleasure
#8: If I Don't Stop Laughing I'm Gonna Drop a Stitch
#9: Harlot Against A Backdrop of Cascading Loveliness
#10: Oh, Crap! I Did Drop a Stitch!
#11: Lean in Closer to Learn the Secret of Perfect Gauge
#12: It Even Works in Pink; Turning the Heel is Magic
#13: Cover Your Faces in Shame; You're Not Worthy
#14: All of This Excitement has Me Plumb Worn Out
#15: This is Not the Key to Flawless Knitting; A Proper Gauge Swatch Is
#16: Simple Truth
Wildcard: Yeah, I Look Different Than on My Blog, But I Am The Yarn Harlot, And I Traded In My Needles for a Guitar--NOT


#7: "Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble, when you're perfect in every way!" C'mon, everybody, sing with me!

Debi Swaney

for picture #6:

Does she think we have a clue as to what we are doing?!

Bev in tennessee

Just stopped by for a virtual visit. Loved the Flickr slide show of Stephanie's visit; thanks for sharing it. Threaded Bliss indeed. I am oohing and ahhing over your lovely display for yummy yarn. Ever think about starting a second store in Knoxville, better yet, Powell?


*rubbing my hands* Ok, I'm going to get to work writing a story!

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