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Friday, April 28, 2006



Here's my "story" written at midnight--I enjoyed looking at the pictures even though I couldn't be there!

Cross cultural. That’s what the week before had been. Mason. Dixon. Ann. Kay. Moon Pie. Whoopie Pie. But north and south, New York and Brentwood, are not all that different. They’re the same nation, after all. There are commonalities. Chocolate and cream add up to goodness no matter what the name.

The real crossing of cultures was promised with a visit from the sock-toting Yarn Harlot. Canada, though connected to the States is of course, its own nation. It’s not just a matter of north and south, although it’s that, too. It’s maple leaves meeting stars and stripes. Such a meeting couldn’t occur without a dedicated, serious acknowledgement of its gravity. Appropriate greetings (#1) had to be made. And they were. Brentwood media had only to drive by Threaded Bliss Yarns to know: Harlot Is Here.

This personality, this ambassador from our Neighbors to the North, more north than New York, more north than even Vermont, deserved no less than Tennessee’s best (#2). Music? Lovely, to be sure, but look more closely. Cascade. A wall of Cascade. A wall, no less, of color.

One knitting star introduces another (#3) as needles clack throughout the audience (#4). Harlot beamed on her fans (#5), her desire to document the night as strong as theirs. She wooed them, tickled them (#6) with her jokes. Serious about her role as ambassador, she joined in the culture of music that makes Tennessee great (#7), creating instant good will (#8). There’s more to the Yarn Harlot, though; there’s heart. There’s an understanding of knitters, and a desire to share her words with them (#9). There’s thoughtfulness and humility, and humor, and appreciation returned back to her from the audience (#10).

“I notice your sock,” the woman said as Harlot sat, poised for an autograph (#11)
“Yes. Well traveled. A comfort on this tour, a friend in cars, on planes, in hotel rooms.”

Harlot looked out into the room. Women of all ages, men even(#12). They all stood in line for her, for a moment with the sock, perhaps, for a chance to, at least for a moment, enjoy the Harlot and all she represents in person. And Harlot loved them back, adored them, even (#13).

All too soon the audience drifted away, back to their own stash, to read, to knit, to think on the excitement of the evening. Rudy (#14) stretched on his finally cleared out floor. He loves all knitters equally. In the quiet at the end of the night, the Yarn Harlot pauses for balance, hand open, key ready (#15). Just before she leaves, before the lights are shut off and the door locked, Harlot notices a tiny tribute (#16). And she feels the love of her Neighbors to the South.


Please forgive me if these are repeats or if these sound really dumb I am still on pain meds! LOL

#1- "Can you tell we are overly excited about the Harlot! Why don't you come in and see what all the little cards making really BIG words is all about."

#2- (singing) "She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes, she'll be driving 3 white alpacas when she comes."

#3- Ann- (thinking) "Wow I am really presenting The Yarn Harlot"
Stephanie- (thinking) "Do I really have to talk to all these people about yarn again? Look they are already knitting, how about I just sit down up there and we can all knit together, then I don't have to talk into that mic thingy."

#5- "You all really though that I had someone else do this for me didn't you?"

#6- "That was so so funny" (laughing laughing laughing)
"Did I just drop a stitch laughing so hard?"

#7- "You all really do say "yall" and "bless your heart(ed), to think all along I thought it was just a myth."

#9- Happy Yarn Harlot talking at a very happy Threaded Bliss!!

#11- "Could you spell that for me again?"

#13- "I anoint you a knitter."

#14- "All these people in here and I am laying here with no one rubbing me, something is really wrong with this picture. Mom what is the problem?"

#15- "I come to Brentwood, I speak to all these knitters, I have a run in with some squirls, and I get a moth scar in the middle of my speach, then to top it all off this crazy yarn store owner has me pose for a picture with her house key just because she hasn't been able to use it yet? What is the world coming to?" ( Love you Shelia I would have done the same thing by the way! Hope you have been able to use you new key by now.)

#16- Stephanie Rocks and even the toys think so! It did it all by itself I am sure of it.


#14: Socks, socks everywhere and not a one to chew.


13. "OOHHH...I just burnt my arse when I sat on the toaster!!"


2. "You Ain't Nuttin' But A Yarn Hound, Knittin' All the time."

7. "Somewhere Over The Rainbow.."

13. "OOOHHH..My Tummy hurts, I ate too many raisinettes!!

14. Harlot, Schmarlot..nobody's giving me any attention.

15. Somebody told me these were raisinettes.....who unlocked the angora's cage??


1. The Yarn Harlot Rocks!
2. Everybody sing - "Ninety-nine skeins of yarn on the wall!"
3. Hi. My name is Ann and I'm a Yarnaholic...
4. The crowd listened intently as the Harlot explained the evils of crochet.
5. Why is the second sock always bigger than the first sock?
6. We don't need no stinking gauge swatch!
7. It's mine, all mine, I tell you!
7. Friends don't let friends knit drunk.
8. Brioche stitch in the round! You've got to be kidding!

9. The crowd laughed at the Harlot's idea of spinning dryer lint.

10. The Harlot spins a good yarn.

11. Knitting Rules - Chapter Five- page 104- let's make that 11 reasons to knit hats...bad hair day.

12. The crowd lines up to see the Harlot's sheep tattoo.

13. Just what did your cats think about the fish blanket?

14. No, I am not a Super Swiffer!

15. Bravo - Chez Sheila!

16. Steph Rocks and she doesn't even need a rocking chair!


I can't believe how few people have entered this contest! Either that, or I'm missing something. LOL

Wildcard: You want to try the guitar?
1. Come see the Harlot!
2. Come by yarn, my friends, come by yarn...everybody sing!
3. Two celebs for the price of one!
4. There are even some guys in this group!
5. The Harlot, the sock and the color wheel.
6. She must've said arse!
7. A Happy Yarn Harlot among the yarn...
8. Stitch & bitch? No! Stitch & guffaw? Yes!
9. Maybe if nobody's looking I can drop a few of these skeins in the bag...
10. Guffaws turn to snorts...
11. (I can't think of anything good for this one.)
12. The fans are swarming!
13. All Hail You, Fish Blanket Goddess!
14. Does someone have a dog blanket?
15. Canadian keys are no different than American keys...
16. Say it simply...STEPH ROCKS!


Oh, Wish I could have been there. Looks like lots of fun. Captions:
1. OMG! It's "Cracker Barrel". . .with YARN!
2. And fine country music too.
7. And now the Harlot singing her new hit. . .I Got Friends in Yarn Places.

Laura N

I laughed till my cheeks hurt! It was great to be there for this and worth the hour-and-a-half drive. :-)

Julie P

Thanks again for yet another wonderful event, Sheila! Had a blast and loved seeing the pics today! Though I do have to say it was somewhat distracting for Stephanie to be positioned in the corner of the Great Wall of 220...I kept looking above her head thinking, "My, those colors look *lovely* together..."

Catherine Harrison

Thanks so much for all you and your staff have done to make the last two Thurdays such a fun evening!!! I wish I could get out there more regularly for Thus. night S&B.


A picture is worth...and so forth.

Compliments to the photographer -- the rest of us can have the illusion of being there. Thanks so much.



You and your crew have done an amazing job of hosting these large knitting crowds (for the Harlot and for Mason-Dixon). Congratulations on a job well done (and on the closing of your new home!); no wonder you can't sleep- too much adrenaline. The evening was a blast.


Laurie P

Miss Harlot was a trip! I SO enjoyed meeting her. Stephanie is absolutely adorable, and she truly missed her calling. She should do stand up! But thank goodness she's here just to entertain the yarn crowd. We win!
Sheila, once again, you and your crew pulled off such a great night. Thank you so much.
I have a trip to Vegas planned for next month, and it will really have to be spectacular to compare with my time you all the last two weeks. ;)


LOL, Ann told me about the unscheduled guitar entertainment! Looks like Harlot rocked da house!!!!! xxo Kay

Sandra D

Really awesome event, Sheila. Thanks so much for pulling it off! Stephanie was great. Your shop is great. Your employees are great. And the dog is so sweet. Thanks for making me welcome. I will brave Nashville traffic in the future whenever I need a yarn shop fix.


I got teary-eyed looking at the pix, and I wasn't even there!!


Looks like you all had a wonderful time!! Wish I could have been there with you.


Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful event. We will remember this always.


I woke up this morning wondering if it was all a dream.

Great pictures! Had a fantastic time! Thanks Sheila for getting the Harlot to Threaded Bliss.


I wish I could have been there! The pics are great! It looks like a good time was had by all. Sniff, sniff!

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