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Thursday, June 24, 2004



Hey Julie - good eye! You might just be amazed at how many people in this town are walking around carrying Booga bags. I took mine to every guild meeting and fiber related group I've attended to spread the word about my shop and meet local fiber folks. EVERYONE wanted to know about the bag so your url ended up on the back of many of my biz cards!!!

Hope you're getting settled in the new place.




I spy. . . . a Booga Bag sitting on the mantle!!


Thank you all so much. I wish you could see the huge smile that has spread across my face as I've read your kind comments. I am looking forward to meeting those of you on your way to the shop and have absolutely loved meeting so many people in person the past couple of days that actually read this blog.

This entire adventure so far is unlike anything I think I've ever even imagined. Getting to share it via this blog with all of you has only made it that much more amazing.

I only hope I get to meet you all at some point so that I can thank you each in person.



Wow, that's a LOT of yarn! The store looks so awesome! Thanks for posting more pictures. I'm trying to figure out when I can squeeze a trip to Nashville into my summer :-) I really hope to be able to come see BLISS in person. I'll be getting in touch with you next week. Have fun!


I didn't know you were open! I'll be in to seethe store tomorrow.


Best of Luck!! The shop looks inviting and wonderful!! Well done!


It looks fantastic! Can't wait to come down and see it for myself. Only another week before my trip, and I'll be bringing a new knitter with me. She doesn't know she's a knitter yet, but give me a couple of days, and all the temptations in your store...


Congratulations! It looks cozy! I like the pink and green bags to the left of the fireplace. Wish my yarn store had more knitting accessories...


Ooooooooooooooooooh. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

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