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Monday, July 09, 2007



I just saw a painting that you would love!

Scroll down to "Family Group".


I propose the name for your new blog as yarnbliss


Hmm, how abouts:

"Chocolate in Cleavage, Yarn in Hand"
(juuust kidding ;)

"Copious Musings of a Knitographer"

Awesome thing- if you google "knitographer" it asks: "Did you mean photographer?" bwahahahaa! And- it has no page results. Totally original, and I'm offering it to you!

"Just Block It."

...aaand I'm spent. I'll let you know if I think of more :)


I still like blah-blah-blog!!!!!!!


I've tried to think of photo related words, and "zoom" is the one that keeps hanging in my mind. I like that it relates not just to photography, but also to a fun way of saying that life is going along, know what I mean? Now if I could just parse out a title for you!

Beth Alm

Hmmm . . . how bout . . .
Through the Lens of Bliss or
Picture This or
Blissful in Nashville

So, when IS your last day?


I was lazy. I went with crazy cat lady:-)


oh and Amy made me cry!

ah, to be so blessed has left me speechless


coping skills dot com was taken! i'm loving UPS (aka Up Pair o'sCopes!

Retreaded Bliss is cool too but I'm off on an entirely new adventure - one that will no doubt be mightily blissful but it's time for a new term.

how about "abundantly redundantly copious" or just "abundantly redundant" thereby just calling it what it often is!

Kim Hardy

Okay...not in any order of preference, but here are my offerings of blog names for you:
Blissful Thinking
Coping Skills
Bliss upon a Star
Picture Bliss
Bliss is my life
SCope it out
Up Pair o'SCopes!


Retreaded Bliss

Still bliss, just slightly different.


Man! I still can't believe you're getting out of the yarn biz!
I'm happy for you and wish you the best with your photography and I look forward to reading your new blog when you get it all set up. No ideas here... crazy cat lady.
I just wanted to say thanks for everything. I needed Threaded Bliss. I needed to know other people who knit and to feel welcome. I feel lucky to have experienced that. I know, I know, the store will still be there.... and I'll still go...
So thanks for being the best crazy cat loving yarn lady! Your store has meant so much to so many people and for that you should be very proud!
SnB at my house?

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